Could use some portfolio feedback, medical design work

Hey friends,

How can I improve this portfolio?
I’m trying to break into the medical design field and find work, but no luck so far from the design companies.
So far I’ve worked for three years in a medical startup and a small design studio doing some medical and assistive tech.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome Ilan. I’m hoping iab or someone with deeper medical experience can chime in here.

A few things I recommend thinking about:

  1. background color. Seems silly but maybe a white background would be better for a medical tone rather than the black.

  2. headline. Think about adding a headline under your name. It can be simple, such as: Ilan Max: I’m a young industrial designer specifically interested in medical device design

  3. project boxes. I think the 6 project images could have more of a unified style. We’ve got a rendering, then a 2d illustration, then a fusion 360 rendering on a stock background, then a really poor photo, the a photo of a rough 3d print, but cleanly cut out on a blue background, then a puppet outside. If you can pick a style and stick to it, it will help a bit. This is the first glimpse of your work, it has to be intriguing.

Thanks Michael!

1 & 2 - Good points. Easy fixes.
3 - Also a good point. I’ll make a temp fix now, and begin working on a matching style.

I’m looking on a tablet, and the images are really small. I think you would benefit from much larger images so I can see the details. Your logo is actually displaying larger than the work.

They’re also all different sizes. Think about making the layout consistent as well as the work, because it affects how the work is perceived. Also make sure that your website displays properly in different formats I.e. screen vs tablet vs phone.

Just noticed that some of the images are actually sliders. I just found one accidentally. This could be more clear.

Yes, focus on the presentation. You show a good range of projects but the current website feels very WIP. The white background is definitely better.

Also aiming on the medical field it is important you develop deep awareness and knowledge on biomedical technology and have your website reflect that. Budget being one of the prime factors for technology in that field, as well as a tendency for resistance to change, smart decision making will make or break a concept. For example ARCtag, nice idea also for cavers, but maybe there are much simpler communication tactics.

Hi Ilan. I applaud your passion, it’s nice to see.

Is you portfolio intended to be a tease? I don’t know if that is the best tactic for medical. While you do not need to know the regulatory environment when starting, we can train you to that, the people like me who are beaten down with regulatory and are viewing your portfolio, we will wonder if there is any there there. Coming up with 100 ideas to solve a problem is not even an antiup. What ideas were taken to the next step? It is implied that some were with your portfolio. What happened to them? So if you have links to the products and companies where you worked, please provide them.

Also, the description of the device is secondary. What I want to know is what you did. Place more emphasis on the latter, not the former.