could use some opinion

This is my first attempt at a portfolio and coroflot site. I tried to design it to match my resume and sample sheet. I realize the quality isn’t very high but I wanted some opinion. Yea I realize it sucks but it can only get better right?

first of all, never tell anybody your work sucks, if you say it sucks, then it sucks.

you have some good ideas in there, and your sketching/rendering is not the worst i’ve seen at the inital/quick concept level.

second, focus your portfolio for the level of employment you want. For an internship, show lots of ideation capabilities. Skethcing, foams, other mock up techniques, concept variation.

third, if you can incorporate more CAD into your process, it shows you are skiled and flexible. Many places don’t expect you know everything, but able to learn quickly and make real contributions in a mature way-

fourth, brush up on speed and quality.

Think more about layout, and compactness of presentation.

my two cents

First of all thanks,

I plan on restructuring it because it hasn’t been updated in well over a semester. I will repost with your suggestions in mind.

second of all, no problem.

third of all thanks for posting, knowing your stuff needs work is step 1 to improving it.

b) work on your form. I was looking at a lot fo your studies and they are full of symbols of products instead of actual products. I scratched my head the first time one of my professors said this to me, but I slowly got it. For instance the phone sketches. Go to best buy or whatever and look at phones, No, really look at them. Numeric pads, directional pads, selection buttons, speaker vents, mic vents, pivots, everything is detailed, designed, considered (hopefully). Functions are groups, edges are champhered, radiused, sculpted. Make sure you take the time to design the details and not just draw oval shapes on a box (unless that is what you intend, by design)

point D, keep at it, it’s worth it.

-Your work looks good for just starting out, looks like you can draw just work on your style and form, learn to sketch not draw. Other than that keep us up to date on your work.

Thanx to you and everyone who responded. I’m going to make excuses for any of my work considering I am a student and still learning. I make mistakes and I learn, which is what you guys are doing a great job of helping with.

As for what you said with drawing and sketching. I whole heartedly agree, I’vre realized that I do a lot of drawing a not sketching, maybe that’s because of my fine art background. But after realizing that, I spent my entire last project sketching. All done very quick in about 5 min a sketch. I was so pleased. I kinda like it better when I dont spend a year on a drawing to make it look pretty. I need to learn to sketch quick and move on. I haven’t put that project in my portfolio yet, its on my to do list as soon as i finish my flash portfolio, which I will def post to get some opinion on.

Again, thanx, sorry for being so longwinded