could someone please evaluate my designs and portfolio?

could someone please tell me what they think of my designs as i am looking for comments on them.

they look a little vivid on here because i had to take the pics with a 75 x 75 pixel cam :blush: but all the same they are all hand drawn and inspired by nature and the human body. please be honest.

kind regards british_rob

I’m not familiar with tatoos, never had one myself. I’d say that I’d want to see more designs, some that showed a wide range of subjects and complexity. Even if theyr’e not on a body, show more examples of your abilities. Wouldn’t want some cocky hotshot to come up and say they could reproduce your portfolio of examples in one day after lunch. Show more options that would convince a non-tatooed person such as myself to get one.

Well do you have a background story on that tattoo design? From the portfolio you’ve shown on the website…Visually it is not good enough to compete with other designs. I don’t do tattoos, although I know ornaments and I’ve seen lots of tattoos. and there are lots and lots of exploration you can do. Come on, you ought to do better than this. I say you can play more colours and have more unique forms, instead of Heart or a plant. Get more details. Like “skinny” said, maybe you have more work to show?