Could I get a Master's in ID after a bach. in Mechanical Eng

I am a senior in highschool and just got accepted to a school for Mechanical Engineering. I love cars, working on them, learning how they work and drawing them. I have been bouncing back and forth between ME and ID for about a year now. I have a great engineering internship right now, and feel sort of pushed into ME, but i also like what i know about ME. I took a course at CCS for auto design (summer exploratory camp) this last summer and had fun, but i wasnt very good compared to other kids in the camp. I feel that if i go into transportation design it will be very very difficult and even if i do succeed i will be leaving out my skills in ME things like working on cars, making things etc. So i want to know if i could get a bachelors in ME and then a Masters in ID(is this possible)? and how many years would that take for a Masters in ID?


You could get a masters in ID…most programs take from between two and four years to complete depending on whether you have an undergrad degree in ID. You would be much better off pursuing a second bachelor’s degree as most master’s program don’t focus on the skills you need as an ID’er as much as a bachelors program would. Don’t feel pushed to do anything…do what YOU want to do. As for not being very good…the only thing to do is practice. You can improve a vast amount in a relatively short time period if you dedicate the time to get better. Engineering knowledge is great…I think ID’ers should be taught a lot more about it, but if you want to be an Industrial Designer, I suggest you apply for a degree in Trans or whatever your interest is. Good luck with your decision.