cost of web designing


I would like to know how much to charge a client for re-designing his website. The website was initially by some other designer. I have to start everything from scratch.

Thanks for your help.

IIRC, my younger brother (graphic design major) charges about $50/hr on the side. I have no idea if this is close to what a professional designer would charge.


I am a major in communication design and my friend and I do web pages i do some layout he knows most of the html, and flash.

are you doing any flash?? a flash site is more expensive. also how many pages are there and what exactly are you doing are you just laying out pages?? I charged 2200 for a layout of a web page and that is just for the design but that included taking pictures and laying out over 30 pages. I then charged 1000 for the flash-

My friend does more of the web wrk I am in wrks of about to do another project I will post all costs and terms later-once I know this might be be helpful, also when doing web take half of the payment up front and get the other half when u diliver the job-you will get screwed if u don’t-- i have seen it before

good luck