Cost of hiring to have a simple flash animation done?

Hi guys,

I’m working for a company as a product/graphic designer, and we are getting ready to start considering flash animation on our website. I’m researching how much it would cost to have it farmed out, or to have me trained for a weekend. I need to know how much on average a job like the following link below would cost:

If it’s “fiscally responsible” as my boss would say, it makes a lot more sense to train me for a weekend while doing all of the animations we want, rather then paying someone else. Kinda the whole “You can give a man a fish and he will be fed, or you can teach a man to fish and he will not go hungry for life”…

Anyone? Just a 10 sec. animation with no complexity? I need to get a ballpark cost of this…

I generally charge $50/hr for simple flash work with a minimum of 1 hour billed.

Be careful how much flash you add to your site, a lot of people do it wrong and you end up with really annoying audio and effects that drive people away from your site instead of to it.

It will also probably take you more than a weekend to learn flash, especially if you have never done animations and don’t know how to write actionscript. Your boss would have to buy the program, hell, he might as well get the entire Macromedia Studio 8, then you will need books to teach you actionscript and the basics, then you are going to spend around a week really figuring things out.

In that time a good web designer could have made 35+ animations. Also remember that some of the animations you see out there aren’t produced using Flash, you can make animations in programs like After Effects and export them in flash format without having ever used the program.

Hi, Thanks for your reply! I agree with you in regards to proficiency, and that is certainly an issue here. I took a flash class in my senior year of college a year ago, and I did make a website as the end result. That was very much a “hand-holding” affair, as anytime I need to do something complex I had my instructor walk me through it. I do have a rudimentary understanding of flash though, and I think that if this session were to go well in the end my boss would purchase the software and buy me the necessary books.

I also agree with you in regards to cautioning against too much flash animation! 90% of the time I consider flash animations on websites to be superfluous, especially if it’s a 1 minute long “infomercial” on the loading page. We would be using these pretty much in the same capacity that you see on the CB2 page I linked as an example. Pretty much only when you click on a different furniture category like “sofas” on our website you would see a brief 3-10 sec. animation play then disappear.