Cost of Car modeling Clay ??

Anyone know how much Car modeling clay cost ?

oh and also…a trickier one, anyone know what is used to do mask in movies… I mean the weird white wet cloths they use to put on the head and also the grey clay they put after inside of the negative mold ??

…auto studios each have secret formulas they mix themselves but you can get chavant styling clays for $3-5 per pound…those weird white cloths are probably cheese cloth soaked in plaster and the grey stuff is likely a casting resin…you can get all you need to know from the chavant site…

thanks for the site and the information

Would you know other site about “how to” special effects or a forum to know the techniques used… I know this doesnt sound like Industrial design but the process of creating props in movies is similar in creating a model or a pruduct… instead of making it for the mass, it s just for the movie…

I did my thesis on puppets, mainly articulated stop motion/animated type stuff.

There was a company called Monster Makers that was a huge help to me.
I called them to buy supplies and ended up talking to the owner for quite a while about processes.

If i can remember to get on the internet from my home computer i’ll get you a list of all the links i have saved.

… for one, try googling ‘movie special effects’ or something similar…