Cost of a Footwear concept

Hi Everybody!! :slight_smile:
I need some helps about afootwear design concept.
I’m going to meet some International Footwear companies next week, and it would be interessant to know how much could I sell my footwear design concept.
Is it better to get royalties???If yes how many??
Thanx a lot for ur reply[/b]

Be careful because “meeting with” only entails showing them. Most likely they will pass on it the moment you mention selling it ot them. You could try and get them to sign a non disclousre agreement to protect your idea but It could clear the room very fast. Further if you mention you are shopping it around to other companies, the room will clear very fast also.

Very few companies will pay you for a concept, in fact the top five do not usually accept any outside solicitation without previous contractual obligations. Meaning that legally is is easier for them to create and engineer it internally with the inventor as a paid consultant with some kind of payment based on the products success.

Don’t attempt to try and sell the concept outright; discuss having them "co-develop it " with you; your ideas, their development. Build it as a relationship rather than a sales pitch.

before you meet with them you should float the idea by anyone who has shoe building experience. (not design, but the in and outs of shoe construction and manufacturing) Most the greatest ideas seen have been killed by the limitations of manufacturing.

not saying this isn’t going to work, you just need to about it the right way. Good luck with it

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Hi Starlight - I get one to two enquiries a week from people who have a great shoe idea or designs they’d like to sell - I have a web presence so Ioften get contacted for help and advice.

Make sure you have a non-disclosure agreement drawn up before you show your concept to anybody. This will help prevent you being copied. Also beware of some footwear companies, some are notorious for ripping off - they don’t care.

Also - don’t be downhearted if they are just not interested - it can be VERY unusual for companies to just buy concepts off-the-shelf it’s not how they work - if they need design concepts - they brief to a designer and it’s made to order.

Anyay, if they do want to buy it, it depends how much you have to offer - how long did the work take you to do? Is it just concepts or will it require more work (i.e. specifications writing)? Relativs’ advice is good - find a shoe person who can give you an unbiased critique - I’d be happy to do so, but please sort out the non disclosure agreement first - I liket o do things properly.