Cost-effective hardware to run Rhino?

Hi. I’m a mac guy.

Have decided on Rhino after reading many posts and fooling around with their free trial version through Virtual PC.

I think it would be better to actually have a freestanding PC to run Rhino rather than VPC.

So my question is: what’s the best way to get good PC to run Rhino on? I’m leaning toward getting a local geek to build me a custom box/monitor etc. to meet my needs without all the other stuff I don’t need, since I will continue to use the Mac for email, web, CD burning, music etc.

What specs would you folks recommend for this machine? does it have to be Pentium?

Rhino is not very demanding when it comes to hardware. The only thing I would spend a little extra money on would be a decent OpenGL video card (preferably nVidia).

Depening on your budget, I would put together a system with either a P4 or Athlon-64 processor and 512Mb to 1Gb of RAM.

you might also consider getting photoshop on the pc to create texture maps and post process your renderings, assuming you are going to render in addition to 3d modeling.

i haven’t tried rhino recently, is opengl well implemented?

also, if you’re getting a custom box, might check out a “small form factor” such as those from shuttle and many others. much more portable than a regular tower if you need to go somewhere with your machine.

me too. have you tried ashlar-vellum’s argon? I use pro/e, autocad and Rhino at work during the day, but I am considering one of ashlar’s products for work at home using my mac. so far, i find that i can work much faster in argon than i can in rhino.

concepts unlimited may be another alternative. however, it is more expensive than argon and rhino.