corrugate iPhone document scanner - free template!

When I got my iPhone last year I loved having everything important in one place, and the ability to get rid of unneccesary devices, documents and information i kept with me. I would frequently snap photos of class assignments printed on copy paper so I wouldn’t have to worry about losing them. The documents normally came out pretty clear, but it was tough to keep still while taking the pictures. I set out to make something that would ensure clean, consistent pictures of documents taken with the iPhone that would be free and easy to make on your own. And so, here you will find pictures of and a link to a template to make your own iPhone document scanner.

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Nice! Great idea… The iphone photo-browser with multi-touch makes it a great document viewer. I take photos of whiteboards all the time.

I also use it to photo white boards during brainstorm sessions all the time. It is s super convenient to shoot information to people at remote locations and then quickly chat. Is the 3g’s camera better?

none of the reviews I’ve seen say its any different unfortunately

Hey great product. All the guys at Ponoko loved it and thought it would be great to cut one one the laser cutter so they could use them in the office. Any chance you’d like to put the design up as an eps file in the Ponoko Showroom?

I uploaded the eps files to my Ponoko showroom at Laser Cut Files, Download Templates, Designs & Patterns For Free.

Of lesser importance, is my homepage, and is the home of my latest project, a joint blog with Kyle Louis, another designer from DAAP.

the is a great idea. are you going to use a card board on your future design?

As of today, two versions of the iPhone Document Scanner are up for sale at Ponoko.

Cardboard version: Laser Cut Files, Download Templates, Designs & Patterns For Free

mdf version: Laser Cut Files, Download Templates, Designs & Patterns For Free

I also have a bit of an explanation, some pictures of the scanner, and the resulting scans up in a post at my website


Nice concept, and i love the home made approach!

:smiley: - The iPhone rocks out again!

PS : Having a white background would be a bonus, wouldn’t be too hard to do.