correct way to write a letter of inquiry?

this is my first time applying for internships through emails…so i’m a bit confused

is it rude to write a short message and attach my CV and portfolio in an email without asking beforehand?

or should i ask if i could send my portfolio first before attaching it?

if that’s the case how do you go about writing a letter of inquiry for ID employment?
would that be the same as my cover letter?

right now i have written a very short message that just says i’m interested in getting an internship and would like to know more about. and attach my cover letter, resume and portfolio.

i have my cover letter and resume in one pdf file and my portfolio is in a separate one.

the pdf file is quite large so i don’t know if it’s appropriate to send it without asking…

Read all of this thread first.

Do not go with a system that requires the company to respond to you just to get a look at your folio. Include it with your initial email. Most places won’t accept total email sizes over 5 mb, some even 3mb. A link to your folio never hurt either.

Good luck