Correct Grille Size. 1994 Acura Legend Coupe

I came across one of these for sale today and I thought, man, look at that little grille and tasteful branding capping off some clean surfacing and short front overhang… and… yup, its a manual :wink:

You are Doug de Muro, as well?
Did you buy it?

Didn’t I put that Legend with the 6 speed into a cheap cars that I want to buy thread? That one is gorgeous!

I’m not sure how to respond to comments like this… :slight_smile:

Just say, “Yes, sure.” It’s easier.

Sorry I am in home office for days now and a “little” dizzy.

By the way, this was 2 questions, but as you skip on an answer, just let us call you Doug, now.

Why is Doug De Muro popular? I watched one video about the Vector and was as bored as when I watched Lord of the Rings. What a waste of 12 minutes of my life.

I’ve met Yo…he is way more interesting and knowledgable.

I think Doug has a certain “its so bad that its good” charm. It is somehow nice to see some who is so unabashedly geeky about things… and he is taking it to the bank. You might have seen the video he did on my actual car? I thought he was going to show up with a crew. Nope, just him and some go pros!

Thanks for the kind words, Ray. I’m also shorter and dress much better.

Why is michael di toolo so popular? I watched one video about him sketching and was as bored as when I watched [insert something most people love]. What a waste of [some] minutes of my life.

It’s almost as if people have different tastes in things… shocking, I know.

I enjoy his videos for one :wink: … but judging by the views I’m not the only one. I wish my videos had 25% the amount of views. He quit his job and just makes YouTube videos now. I should probably put more time into it. On that note, Spencer Nugent has really upped the video game again recently. SketchMonkey also has been putting out a lot of content. I think he hit the formula with photoshopping existing cars.

Anyway, remember when grilles on cars were smaller?

Another petite grille from 1994:

super petitite. Logo offset by a few centimeters! And no faux coroner inlet for non existent brake cooling.

Amazing how everything comes around. I remember in the 90’s we were all sketching cars with huge grilles. Now that has become a reality and I can’t wait to see things go the other way.

It’s funny how the Taurus looks like an '89 Tesla concept.

There is taste and then execution. I love the content of de Muro’s videos. The shooting is actually quite good (props to GoPro for making this so easy and affordable). Perhaps I caught him on an off day, but I found the pacing too slow and dialogue drawn out. Maybe I’ll try one on x1.5 speed and see how I feel.

There was a '92 Model S on the local Craigslist last August. Ahead of the curve marketing roll-up windows as eco-friendly.

How could I have missed that one before!

Very knowledgeable explanation of the Audi TT Design features, Doug!

The Acura is a good take off of the BMW e38 :wink:

I’m sadly likely considering selling mine in the summer… too many cars, not enough garage (or need).