Corps, Firm's, master's (even snrs) project's

OK since my friend “YO” has brought out some valid satirical criticism of this new Core discussion area, I would like to find out what cutting edge (God help us, hopefully there’s some) project’s that some of you are working on.

I’m not talking about a post-modernist-neo-art deco redesign of a kettle and it’s emotional relation to the user.

I’m talking about digitally analyzing golf swings, voice recognition navigation for cell phones, haptics, revo-engineering of old blueprint documented items, digital-clay (3-D CAD with goggles), automated low-voltage inebreation alerts to remind me to get my credit card before leaving the pub, “Minority Report” stuff with gloves to navigate interfaces, virtual prototyping, DARPA programs (you can now talk about), irrigation systems for 3rd world nations, unique ethnography studies for marketing purposes, etc. etc.

Something you never would have imagined you’d be working on or did work on when you were a poor slob in sophomore studio redesigning bean-bags for their shade and shadow aspects.

some of the PopSci/Core entries are interesting. also some of the blogs. most are mentioned on core homepage. cant imagine too many people volunteering their projects here tbh. most wont even list a homepage.