Corporate IT and getting the tools you need

Anyone in corporate environments have trouble getting the technology tools you need for ID due to IT organizations that find design software to be “non standard” and therefore unsupported technology?

If so, what have you done about it?

I’m trying to get a Tablet PC. I used to be able to expense something like that, but now even the expense system would kick that back since all tech must go through IT. Help!

try a CER?
usually anything like that needs to be justified.

but, IT can be your friend…if you get to talking to one of them, chances are there is some way of creating an exception. I have to justify software all the time, but by now, they are used to the ID guy…I usually have to attach the purchase to a project budget to make it look like i really need it. I’m gunnin now for an HDTV 47"er and a sony playstation2.