Corporate ID in Bay Area

I recently graduated and moved to the bay area where I’m looking to get experience any way I can…

Can anyone provide advice on how to find corporate companies that might have their own internal ID department?
Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated…

Apple (of course), HP, Flextronics, Palm (no, not that kind), Plantronics, Sun Microsystems, those are just a few that come to mind.

Good Luck

Aren’t they all boring ones? :frowning:

Sun Microsystems is looking for recent grads looking for work.

What you need are “ways to find” more than lists of obvious ones from us:


  1. hook up with a corporate recruiter, temp agency, or placement service. seriously, they know this information already, and they will gladly hook you up with work for a cut. freelance a bit through them, and network after you’ve proven yourself at aplace.

  2. go to industry events, with business cards ready. this is known as ‘networking’ or ‘schmoozing’ or ‘begging for work.’ to find out about industry events, check out IDSA, core77, designengine, other web sites and magazines for the industry. mark that shit in your dayplanner and make a point of going.

  3. get on myspace or other social networking site and hook with people and groups that are industry-related, and ask them. get 100 industrial designers as myspace friends and post a bulletin saying “so where are the internal ID departments I could get some work from?” and you will get some good leads.

  4. training. find out who provides training for the sort of work you want to do and get in good with them. take a class, teach a class, get your foot in the door with them.

  5. tell your friends what you want. if you tell all of your friends at some point while out drinking, “hey, i really am interested in getting a contact at an internal company ID department” and can explain to them WHAT THAT MEANS, some of them will know someone that knows someone that can get you a contact. again, have business cards ready.

  6. get business cards. yep, mentioned that two or three times already but wtf, you still have not got your own business cards? get ON that, man. make them good, spend a little on them. when you can afford to spend more on them, do so.

  7. get a good web site up of your stuff. show a few samples of your best stuff. do not have a blog. do not post pictures of your pets, kids, or family.

Wow, concretebox, that oughta be an article.

He’s totally right – it is astonishing how much employment in this business hinges on personal contacts. Having a good portfolio and website mean a lot, but getting it in front of the right eyeballs is frequently a matter of meeting someone in a social setting (and impressing them with your eloquence, drive, insight and cool business card).

That said, have you already researched the hell out of these companies? A day or two of serious directed web surfing can help get you started.