corporate gigs

How long does it usually take a corporate design department to let you know of the next steps after a phone interview?

If I was contacted by 2 should I let the first know of my corresponding with the other?

What’s the hiring process like for corporate design departments looking for designers?

Thanks in advance! -J

Sometimes they never let you know. The budget can get cut and the position might disapear. Not the norm but it does happen.

Yes you should let people in the same company know that you are communicating with both of them. Better to find out from you then they find out from each other.

Every corporations is different depending on their protocols and who is making the decision. 1 corporate job the process including air travel for the interview took 3 weeks from initial contact to getting an actual offer… At the same company I saw it take months with another candidate.

Actually, I was contacted by 2 companies and was wondering if I should let the other know that I’m corresonding with the other so I get a better idea when they could let me know of next steps.

Some good news is that I just found that my digital portfolio was cc-ed/forwarded to the design team to go over. That is good news isn’t it? So I’m assuming that they’re checking out my work to give a yay or nay for an in-person interview. What do you guys think?

Corporate gigs tend to take awhile. It took me about 3 weeks to get a call back after sending my work and semi-regularly asking if they saw it. 2 weeks to get first interview, 2 weeks for second interview and its been almost 2 for them to give me a definitive yes or no and a start date. I’m sure my situation is a little excessive, but make sure you have some work on the side before you join in the waiting game. I think letting them know that you’re talking elsewhere is helpful. Telling both of them that you have another option(details aren’t necessary) but they’re your first choice doesn’t hurt either, they’re busy and chances are you aren’t the #1 priority. Don’t bug them, but stay persistent.

I once had a (major) company contact me for an interview 7 months after I had sent it in! I don’t even remember how they contacted me since I had moved from Chicago to Philadelphia 3 months prior.

corporate gigs take longer to snap up.
there’s more hoops.
if you have two you are going after.
once you have an offer in writing from the first company get them to give you 2 weeks, then tell the other you have an offer and need an offer in writing from them in 7 days by Fedex.

Ver y rarely do you get 2 weeks to decide unless maybe you’re going for an executive position. You’ll be luck to get a week.

Before you give an answer to any company be sure to have an offer in writing… with a job description and benefits literature. The can overnight that to you. That’s not unusual for a corporation to do.