Corofolio: Dino

Link to my Coroflot folio:

Do you think any of this would get me an internship this summer after my second year in ID? What can I work on?

Great sketch work. Keep it up!!!

Well yeah – that’s why we keep featuring and commenting on your work!

Honestly, this is an exceptionally strong portfolio for a second year student, and if you start making professional contacts and publicizing your work now, I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble landing a good internship.

Definately intern worthy material. Just a matter of finding where to go and getting your name out there.

If you don’t get one after second year, don’t stress over it. Theres plenty of time left for internships. I think things will be very competitive this year since a lot of companys will be tightening their budgets and taking down their workloads, and might be unwilling to take interns.

Excellent work. I only wish that I could sketch that well. If I were you, I would strongly consider going to the IDSA regional event for your district. Bring your portfolio to the crit and see what happens. It is an excellent networking opportunity, and I know a few people that got internships from it. Im sure your portfolio could show well.

I personally think you should work on your graphic design ability. Your projects would look much better, even if they’re already good looking. Just to give it an extra touch.