coroflot's annoying usability issue

I love coroflot. But this needs to be fixed…

There should be a “back to search results” option/button/breadcrumb after making a regular search or advanced search for portfolios or employers.

When a person/employer is looking through portfolios or thumbnails after they’ve taken the time to define a search criteria, they should not have to click alllllllllllllllllllllllll the way back through a persons portfolio they were viewing to get back to their specific search results.

Try it yourself, is it annoying?

  1. Conduct an advanced search for portfolios
  2. Define a specific School, and Design Field
  3. Click on one of the portfolios that appear in your search results.
  4. Click on a portfolio Set and start perusing.
  5. Let say this person’s work is not interesting to you and at this point you want to go back to the original search results
  6. ummmmmmmmm

any thoughts?

couldn’t agree more, but this should have been posted in “core77 site feedback”

I agree I should have sent them a message on their contact us page where it states “Contact us at any time with questions, comments, suggestions or feedback” but i wanted to get other people’s thoughts about this usability issue.

It is a design oriented site/mecca that essentially is not practicing what it preaches.

here’s where I meant…

Didn’t see that thank you!

If you do a search, as described above, when you first arrive on an overview page you’ll see links at the top, to the right of the person’s name.

These might say “4 of 472 profiles” along with left and right arrows. Clicking on that first item will return you to the results list. Clicking on the left and right arrows will take you to the previous or next profile in the results list.

It might not be the most obvious, but I think it does do what you’re looking for. If you are browsing a set or an image, you need to click onto the ‘overview’ page in order for this item to appear.