Coroflot teasers feedback

I figured it was about time to put my portfolio together and get some feedback. I have posted a few teasers at this point. I will be adding more files as I finish the layouts but I was hoping to get some initial feedback in case I need to make changes to the the project layouts.


I appreciate any constructive criticism you can give (not so constructive criticism is okay too)[/url]

the sketching in the pool thing is nice. i would like to see more like it in the other projects. by far your best project and the sketches and renderings give a pretty good understanding of the use.

the snow screamer project teaser isnt so hot. the pixelated line drawings in the background dont look that great and overall its difficult to understand the project and use. add more use cycle sketches or explanation. i have no idea what im looking at in the small pics on the side.

fireplace drawings are OK, but the photos of the models arent very clear. again, some in use pics would be nice so you could understand mroe about what the prouct is an how it fits in the home. looks kind unfinished.

overall, i think you could also work on your layout/presentation. the large name logo on top of everything is really distracting not very elegant. some text on the boards would also be good to describe what you are looking at. in general I would also say that showing more process could help. al the projects kinda look unfinished and only like 1 step in the process. would be nice to see more of the thought process from research to concept to sketch to rendering to use and final model…

…remember than an employer is looking more at your thought process and what you CAN do as opposed to what youve already done.

best of luck,

Thanks for the feedback. I agree the pixelated images are quite confusing. I have added a number of files that will hopfully explain the project and process alittle more. Please let em know what you think of these new pages. I will keep adding more projects as I create more pages.

Thanks for your feedback! KEEP IT COMING!