coroflot search engine- keywords, searching, tags, etc?

To whom may know the answer(s),

I’ve set up my coroflot portfolio to attract potential clients by using specific keywords in my ‘profile’ aka resume section, as well as adding the same keywords as tags on multiple images within my portfolio.

Yet, when I did a test run of the search function, as if I were a client, searching with the same specific keywords in my profile, my name appears down the list quite a ways. I searched the profiles above mine, and the keywords aren’t listed but once, or twice. In fact, one profile, isn’t active, no photos, but just contains the specific keyword and another word or two.

This isn’t me complaining by any means.

I’m just curious how the keyword and search engine works, so I can tweak my coroflot portfolio to show up higher on the list, rather than buried 5 pages deep.

Much appreciated.

Taylor, check you PM’s. Ping me at my personal e-mail if you like.