Coroflot salary survey no longer breaks up salary by level?

A few years back, the annual coroflot salary survey results allowed you to research ID salaries by level or position (junior, mid, senior, manager). I don’t see that option available anymore and it appears you can only break it out by location. Am I missing something?

I’m accessing the results here:

What other sites do you recommend for salary research?

If anyone has insights on this forum, here’s some quick info on the job:
In-house design manager for a mid-size company leading 5-8 designers. Sports/fitness industry.

Am I being blind here, or do you have to put in your own salary info to see any results?

It looks like you do need to input your own info the get the details.

I also stumbled upon salaries by “Job Titles.” The link above already narrows the job title down to “industrial designer.” If you go to Design Salary Guide | Coroflot you can click on different job titles.

That’s a shame. I think a lot of graduates would use this when starting out, but the only way is to put in fake salary info. Design flaw right there :unamused: