Coroflot Portfolio's

I have noticed, sadly, that there are many portfilio’s on the coroflot website that have not been updated for sometimes up to 10 years! It seems to me that anyone who has not updated their portfolio in the past 5 years has either left the design profession, or at the very least no longer cares about their Corfolio.

Do you think that these Corfolio’s should be removed from the system? Perhaps an email allowing the portfolio owner to update or allow removal could be sent. No reply would mean removal.

This would help “de-clutter” the inactive’s and provide a more accurate profile of “active” deisgners

That’s a good idea. Then again, I think until I was job searching recently, I would have been one of the people who hadn’t updated in 5 years;)

I direct people to it as needed but mine has not been updated in a while, but that’s soon to change.

I’m not sure why there is any value is removing old work, no matter how old it is, I use coroflot for inspiration and to see what other designers have worked on, could care less if it’s out dated, good design is good design.

As far as finding out who’s “active” if you have a coroflot you have to actively select that you’re looking for work every 30 days or so.

If someone’s able to get job/freelance offers off of 10 year old work then more power to them, means they must have done something right 10 years ago!

There’s some kind of informal algorithm that puts recently updated hot portfolios on a ‘Featured’ page, right?

Maybe Coroflot could ‘tier’ portfolios somehow that way, with more recently updated (<1 year) portfolios more accessible, and an ‘archive’ for the other ones.

I’m one of the guilty ones as well, however, only updating the vitals but not images regularly.

Choto: I have 10 year old school work on my Core page! Hopefully, we should be adding new stuff though!

We’re actually working on a total relaunch of the Coroflot site, debuting next month. As part of that we’re going to prune the old accounts. Maybe we’ll just set those inactive accounts to private, so that they’re removed from the results lists, but not just deleted.

Stay tuned for updates!

My account was totally deleted and I’m pretty sure that I updated in the past month. I did not receive an email regarding this update. Was everyone’s old account deleted? If so, can I at least have access to my private account? I didn’t have it public at the time.

When coroflot went over to the new look, I noticed that my account was not available for public view for a few days. Perhaps yours has been temporarily lost in the shuffle.