Coroflot Portfolios

What are your opinions on coroflot portfolios? Is it a good idea to put your entire portfolio on your page? (research, ideation, modeling, final design, etc). Or do you think that it is better to use it as “design eye candy?” (hot renderings/sketches). I’ve struggled getting down the PDF file size (image resolution too) on my portfolios when applying for jobs (emailing). I thought perhaps putting everything on my coroflot page would be easier.

You could also use a service like to store you larger PDF.

Email a teaser PDF with a link to the larger one… You also want to keep some project for the actual interview once you get to that point.

Not to offend Coroflot, but… I hate the sets that they make you use. It’s very annoying to look at a portfolio that way. @issuu seems to be a good place to publish portfolios. I wish Coroflot would allow things to be posted more like a book. I also like pdfs.

I actually hate getting issuu portfolios… I’d much rather surf around. I don’t try to tell a storry on coroflot, instead it just houses an immense amount of work samples for me. I tell the story in person with a tailored portfolio.

Yeah i agree with yo. I use my coroflot to get the interview as a teaser and do the rest when I’m in it.

What are everyones thoughts on Behance? I’ve started to notice a lot more legit ID portfolios/work popping up there in the last 6 months or so. I agree there is something a little clunky about the current coroflot navigation.

For web viewing I personally prefer Behance’s top to bottom scrolling format better. I feel like that is the way I navigate 99% of the web anyways, there’s no floating left/right buttons to click, everything for each project loads once so no waiting between slides, etc.

The Smart bike that was making the blog rounds is a good example of what a behance project can look like

Reads more like a blog, so perhaps might come off as less professional, plus the massive ad space isn’t helping but overall I feel like it’s a much quicker way to navigate through a project. I feel like with everything on one scrolling page, pictures, video and text it’s easier to tell the story of the project and makes it much easier to take everything in, and bounce around, vs the traditional web slideshow format.

I much prefer Behance over Coroflot. I’m actually considering emptying out my Coroflot since it’s getting rather outdated. I dislike the navigation/interaction with Coroflot… it’s very clunky and doesn’t lend itself to efficient exploration. Behance’s scrolling method is much smoother and enjoyable. I’ll probably be setting one up this break.

Behance also has a connection with linked in which is nice.

That’s a smart move I always wondered how creatives could show work easily on LinkedIn.

As far as the annoying ads go, I just discovered you can have an ad free version by simply adding /frame at the end of your portfolio url, example with previous designer:

Coroflot definitely has a lot going for it, it’s definitely still the king of ID related portfolios and job listings, but seeing some of the features Behance has going on, it definitely shouldn’t rest on its laurels.

What I like from Coroflot is the fact that you can upload / download images in Hi Res…

On Behance i don’t know if this options are available…

Also is more easy to navigate from mobile devices trough Behance.

if you are going to spend time on putting your portfolio together, why not just bite the bullet and set up a website?

With frameworks like indexhibit and cargo collective, it is really easy, free and you have your own representation online.
I can only recommend it.

I do think that this is the best way to get your portfolio to look just the way you want it, but there is something to be said for being part of a portfolio network where people can stumble on your work or you can become a featured project.

Do actual employers look at Coroflot? and they do contact students for interviews based on the work posted on there? I had no idea. I just thought it was a way for designers to share their work with each other and with employers who inquire about one’s work but never thought much about actual employers using the service to find employees.

Yes, I’ve has a large amount of my employment opportunities come for Coroflot. As my profession has matured, I am doing less visual work and more strategic stuff. As a result, I’ve been getting more activity from my LinkedIn profile.


I had no idea! Thanks! When I am ready, I will have to create a profile and display some “design candy” and hope some hungry employers bite! :slight_smile: