Coroflot Portfolio

Hey folks,

i´ve made a coroflot portfolio and would like to here some critism.
Tell me what you think about it.

Have a nice weekend


hmm no comments?

i would really like to get some feedback from you guys!

What are you trying to say with this portfolio? At the moment it doesn’t seem to say much about anything, least of all about you.

What really interests you? What inspires you?

Either go into more depth with each project, or put a couple of more projects in there. You say you love ID, so show it! It’s a start, so keep working :wink:

Good points above. More More More. More you, More work, more notable concepts.

thank you for the feedback.

you´re totally right at the moment it doesn´t say that much about me!
should i add more text and write more about myself and what inspires me?

If you’re an IDer then I assume that you would consider yourself to be a visual person. So the ‘you’ should come across through your work and the way that you present it - make it visual. I’m sure there are those that read every bit of text, but a lot of people, like me, need to be drawn in by the visual stuff to be enticed to read chunks of text.

Maybe have a look at other people’s coroflot pages and ask yourself what you think their pages convey about them…

definitely don’t write more, no one is going to read that. put more personality into the work!