Coroflot portfolio update

So I recently revamped some pages for my portfolio and I’d like to get some feedback on them as I start to work on some more.

Please check out Nathaniel Paffett-Lugassy, Designer in San Francisco, CA and let me know what you think about the first three projects (Surge Protector, Faucet, and Desk Accessory)

I’ve learned a lot about presentation in the past six months at my current job and I’m pretty happy about where I’ve gotten these but I know that the world is a gigantic place full of intelligences greater than mine. Feel free to comment on the other projects but they’re really just photographs that don’t communicate too much.

For any younger readers looking for inspiration. The world (some might say nature in general) is incredibly competitive and there is always motivation to take things a step further if you look in the right places.

Nathaniel, I really love all of your mock ups. On the surge protector project for example. Simple mock ups like that say so much. Is that surge protector flexible?

You are obviously a very good craftsman. The furniture pieces and the desktop accessory are great.

Hey Nathaniel,

Nice clean and well presented projects. Your photography is awesome too and like Yo said really shows the value of those simple mock ups.

Gentle bump? I remember this forum being a lot more active…I guess times change.

I’d like to hear some other critique. :! Maybe some stuff I could improve? So far I haven’t really heard back from studios despite sending out resumes and cover letters to many places that I felt qualified for. What can I do to get a better response rate? I feel more confident about interviewing in person, how can I approach that in an introductory communique?

Somehow seems like it just might be the season as I had more feedback last spring.

Looks like the same stuff?

Out of school it took me about 6 months to get a fulltime gig. In that time I redid every project in my portfolio twice. If you want a different reaction, you have to keep making.

What is your ideal type of design job? Right now your folio seems a bit furniture/tabletop biased.

I’m looking for someone right now, but being CE driven, a portfolio that gets picked would need more concept sketching, CAD modeling, rendering, and some light UX, brand understanding, and user research.

Hi Nathaniel,

PowerSlug Surge Protector:
I’m not sure if you’re unfinished editing beyond page 5? Or are the pages beyond 5 just supplementary photos and renderings? Your mission statement might be more exciting if you had a picture of a consumer handling the cord with complication…or maybe call out each step of how the cords are interacted with today, and call out additional insights you’ve observed, to emphasize and communicate to the audience (your potential employer) how current power cords are in need of an upgrade. To cover all base, it wouldn’t hurt to illustrate how the product will be used behind a couch(one of problem area you mentioned in the brief pg.1) or handled in a way that suggests ease and comfort…

Desk Accessory:
Who is the target consumer for this product and what is the mission statement…? Is it meant to only hold sharpies? Can it be placed on a cluttered desk space and shown how it’s interacted on a daily basis? It says the product can be customized…do you mean by customizing it in color or by panel’s orientation and size?

I may have questioned more than providing a constructive critique :stuck_out_tongue:
As Yo mentioned, great prototpying skills. Neolithic Hand Tools project can even evolve into a alias/solidworks surface modeling study to exemplify your software skill. Just a thought.
Your focus and interest may seem heavy on furniture and customized products, by look of your portfolio…did you have a specific category within ID you’d like to shift gear into?