coroflot portfolio help

Hello all,

I am a bit thick when it comes to computers and was wondering whether some kind person could answer the following?

im trying to create my first coroflot portfolio but the images i have are massive (photshop file 19mb, 2 files). the maximum on coroflot appears to be 500k

how do shrink the file to get my stuff on there without losing content??

cheers in advance and forgive my stupidity…he he he he :smiley:

Make sure the image is flattened and is in rgb colors. Change the image size of your file to 72 dpi, that’s all computer screens show. Make sure when it’s 72 dpi that it’s the right size when you’re viewing it at 100%. Then go to “save for web” and save as jpeg. You should see a preview and you can real time test the results of more or less compression, etc…and the new size will show at the bottom of the screen.
It’s not that hard, just takes a little experimenting with the settings.

cheets mate, i do all of that in photoshop right??

Yep, ‘File’, then ‘Save for web’ in photoshop. And to change resolution etc, ‘Image’ then, ‘Image Size’

sorted cheers brothers, just got the corfolio up and running

thanks for your help