Coroflot Portfolio Hell!

Okay, I’m about to tear my hair out with trying to get my stupid portfoilo updated!

Uploading my images is a royal pain in the arse! Will one of you people at core please come up with a template or something so that those of us who aren’t superstar web designers can produce jpegs that are the right size without having to get the “the file you selected is too big” or " the file you selected is too small" error message.

I’m not a stupid person, but I sure feel like it right now.

What file type / size / resolution / settings / whatever else, should I be using in photoshop to make these corfolio images???

I used 640x480 jpegs, worked fine.

Use image shack…it resizes your images for you…and put gives them a url so you dont have to upload for you cpu alll the time…consider it a free tip on the house buddy


You can upload up to 7 files at a time with this page. Files larger than 700px wide X 1000px high will be resized automatically.

In photoshop take your jpegs and go


Save for web

Play with the quality until you’re at about 200k

The last reply was almost a year old, take note of dates before resurrecting a topic from the dead. There was no upload option back then.

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 7:02 pm