Coroflot portfolio feedback (recent Carleton grad)

I just uploaded my Coroflot portfolio on Sunday, and I’m looking for feedback/suggestions.

In particular, I’m worried about the clarity of the descriptions I’ve written for the Pediatric BiPAP, Graffiti Bench, and Fish Bowl projects. I want them to be concise, but not at the cost of being overly vague or confusing. So if you find anything unclear or not making sense to you, please let me know.

Of course, you’re welcome to provide feedback on any other aspects of the portfolio as well.


Hey man.

Nice work. I like your style. The fact you interned at Springtime is a good feather for you as well. Good sketching and final models. I like the your character type drawings a lot, like the frog spoon and what not.

One thing I think is missing are few “technical” type drawings. I checked out your site, and I’m thinking of things along the lines of the way you did the welding goggle exploded view. I think if you did that for the graffiti bench and the BiPAP, it would round things out a bit. Don’t forget to tell the middle part of those process stories.

Good stuff… nice coroflot avatar!

Fascinating stuff. I really enjoyed looking through it.

I think you achieved your target of conciseness in your descriptions, and your thorough depictions create an excellent sense of tangibility. I agree with yo about the addition of some line drawings; they will give a further sense of the essential function and shape of the designs.

Hey, Yo and Hippatodahoppa. Here’s a long overdue thank you for your feedback. I’ll definately be adding more tech drawings and tech type drawings in the future versions of my portfolio.

As for now, I’m happily employed in the toy industry, having been hired a few weeks after posting my original call for feedback.

Thanks again,

Your welcome… and congrats man!!! That is great to hear. Where are you at?


I’m at Mega BRANDS (formerly Mega Bloks). It was actually my third attempt at getting in there, and I’m happy that I didn’t give up after the second.