Coroflot portfolio feedback please

As the title says, please.

Thank you - Joe

I guess the obvious thing is the font. It’s really hard to read.

You got a driving license? OMG!!!:slight_smile:

yea I’d agree typography needs help and iam not thrilled with your use of color in the back it seems pointless and takes away from the focal point which is the story of your work which I Just didnt get in the short time I spent reviewing your site. It has alot to do with not really reading anything and that has to do with it just not being readable or interesting to me yet. But good luck. thats my honest cc

I too have a driving license. Its a MA one.

You have nice sketching, and lots of, and on top of that it shows through process, not merely a collection of pretty sketches on a page, but they have some form of motion or action.

Your 3D renderings are nice also, but your presentation scheme is a bit drab. I guess it depends on what type of work you’re shooting for but there’s a lack of color in your illustration work. I’m not saying make your layout busy and annoying, but I think picking a nicer font and choosing friendlier scheme to warm up your grey illustrations might help. Using orange instead of the gold in the #3 image might work, just some ramblings, but overall your skills are good, and it seems you can fill a page with ideas.

Thanks for all your opinions and advice, I’ll change the font, create a new scheme and get some new work up, then post the changes. Thanks again

one more thing if you still care,
the images of the product in that gamer phone device, look out of context. I can’t tell what the scale is of the product, ist an LCD projector, the size of a phone etc?- without reading any text, someone should be able to tell whate the things is at first glance- unless i’m just drastically impaired right now…

hi, could you let me know if what I have done so far is any better than before please?

I used it for a presentation and I never had chance to take photos before it broke, as it was very delicate.
Whats all this about driving licenses?