coroflot portfolio. ATHLETIC GOODS.


I am a product design student at The Ohio State University. I have recently created a coroflot portfolio which features some of the work I have completed at my last internship (Priority Designs in Columbus, Ohio). I am working at DeWalt this summer, but cannot show my work from there yet.

I hope to continue to update my portfolio with more personal projects until I am able to show my work from DeWalt.

I would love to hear any questions or comments you have on my work. Feel free to contact me though email if you would rather not post on this site.

Thank you.

Nice work David. You have some great sketching skills.

I think the next step for you would be to show some process in your portfolio. Consumer insights/reasearch, Ideation, Problem solving, Concept Sketches (which you have shown nicely), polished renderings or models …


Thank you for your reply. It is quite the honor to have you take time out of your day and comment on my work. I will explain why…

While at Priority Designs, my co-op advisor became a mentor. Knowing my dream is to become a footwear designer, he related many of the things he would tell me to sneakers. He taught me the importance of a strong “50 yard read” color blocking scheme with interesting details so a shoe or product would be recognizable from far and interesting up close.

Also, he challenged me to re-read all you have said in Sole Collector interviews and search your comments on core. Your “everything is relevant” attitude is one I have tried to adopt. While on the east coast for the summer, I have made it to DC twice, have a trip to NYC planned, and will be studying in Berlin in the fall. This should help.

That being said, I feel like you have been a “third person” mentor and this would not be possible if you did not take time to offer your opinions and knowledge in magazines and here on core.

I am working on updating my portfolio showing more process and research. Also, there are times when sketching can get frustrating, so I appreciate the positive reinforcement.

Thanks for the reply,