coroflot port feedback

welp. h’m ready to move on to new opportunities and I’ve gotten a coroflot together along with my book. I’ve given up on presenting digitally in person, its just not as effective in my opinion.

anyway. let me hear it.

For some reason I kept getting an error when I tried to click on a set or a specific slide… might have just been coroflot at the moment.

One suggestion I would have is that it seems like you give each project a set. In my opinion, it forces people to navigate a lot more than they might want to. I ould suggest putting simmilar projects into the same set i.e. consumer electronics, or furniture, or RTA furniture, or showrooms, whatever. This way you might have 10 slides in a set versus 2.

odd that about the error, seems to be working for others so far. prolly just a hiccup.

good point about the sets, i couldn’t decide about the organization.
i prefer to present my book in person based on projects as I feel its more relevant, but your right about the burden on the user to navigate on coroflot.

thanks for the feedback yo.

OK, its working for me now…

Yeah, I would say there are a lot of sets, especialy because a set with one image isn’t really a set, just an extra click…

For example I really like the sketches on the Pepsi Aquafina page, but almost didn’t click the set because it only had one image… designers are genrerally pretty lazy… or at least that is my rational for being that way :wink:

alright. you were totally right. i changed it over to a couple of folders and its both easier to navigate and better content wise. i still need up create a folder for some other interactive and whatnot that I’ve done.

the Aquafina stuff is one of my favorites too. thanks.

i just went on an interview for a job that really wasn’t a good fit for me but i thought it would help shake off some of my interviewing rust. they liked my work but wanted to see more diversity. i think part of that is a result of the job not be primarily product design (project management) and therefor they were satisfied with my design abilities really quickly, while a design employer would be more interested in the product stuff. but it was a good lesson learned, variety is always helpful.

I really enjoyed your portfolio. The presentation was really nice. That Gatorade tower was pretty bad ass - I loved the form.