Coroflot - Phishing / Spam

Anybody ever get any spam via Coroflot??? Below is a message I recieved today in my email inbox and though I’m not new to getting Phishing emails…I never thought I’d get one through Coroflot.

From: precious elka,

Message:Good day,Please write to my email address: ( name is Precious, a good looking Liberian girl.I became interested in you after going through your profile at ( and i wish to continue relationship with you which if nature will permit we have a long way to go.I have a special reason of contacting you which i will make known to you, tell you more about myself and also send my pictures to you. I will like you to get back to me through my email address: (

I’ve gotten a bunch of them. I just forward to the coroflot “police.”

I got this message, too…


Darn, even the spam chicks don’t like me. Didn’t get this one.

I chilled with Precious last Saturday, smoking hot Liberian Girl

Got another one today.

I am with yo man. I haven’t gotten any either.

Precious sent me two photos of herself.


Pictures dont do her justice brother!