Coroflot Job Recruiters...reliable?

A couple of days ago, I changed my coroflot status to be “Seeking Employment” since I am beginning to explore some relocation options. Today, I was contacted by a job recruiter, not for any specific job I don’t think, but I’m not sure yet.

My question is, do these recruiters send out blanket emails? Or do they selectively pick people to contact with the hopes of actually placing them with one of the companies they work for?

Basically, are they reliable? Or is it another piece of junk mail?

Any experience or opinions would be great,



They’re really great at finding you a fantastic AutoCAD job!! If it’s not Rita Sue or YEH IDeology, I’d take a pass on it.

I had a recruiter try to get me into a “design position” at Sloan in Chicago. That’s right, I’d be designing urinal handles. I just didn’t want to design something people would be pissing on. And I think the design position leaned heavily in the engineering and detailing side of things.

Thanks for the input. It’s Yeh IDeology. I had never heard of them but them seemed legit enough, and now you’re input confirms my suspicion.

I suppose I’ll hear them out and see what happens.


It’s been good and bad for me. I’ve had recruiters that came off like a smelly used car salesman. Others have been very professional and have helpped me land a handful of interviews, etc. They’re great to bypass the HR dept and can get your portfolio directly into the hands of the hiring managers.

Maybe you should have taken a look at the Sloan website before making assumptions. Sloan is making faucets, soap dispensers and their “SloanStone” line of lavatory systems. That may not be your cup of tea, but there are opportunities to make significant contributions.

On the other hand, you freeze your butt off in the Chicago area at his time of year like I do!