Coroflot "contact requests"

Hi…I see in my coroflot traffic statistics that i have had a couple of contact requests in the last month, but i can’t find where my inbox is. I found it once a few months ago and now i’m going nuts trying to find it again…can anyone tell me where i should be looking??
Thank you :slight_smile:

The emails send should be in your contact email adress you entered when you created the account.
It’s under account-settings when you log-in on coroflot.

Hope this helps


Exactly, check your spam folder.

It doesn’t deliver to email, i get all the newsletters etc but no contact requests. Is there a way to see the massages through the coroflot site?

Wait sorry i found the emails in my inbox, so thats cool. My question still remains; is there a way to check the messages through the coroflot site?

No, there is no coroflot inbox. The form just sends an email to you.