Coroflot - Brand related Jobs

Nah, I think they’re all for perm placement. I never had any of them talk to me about freelance stuff.

Boosted. Much Appreciated. I’ll get in touch with them to see if they have any opportunities. If you guys have any connections within your companies that might have some openings and wouldn’t mind passing those along too, that would be great. I know we might have an opening here soon and as soon as it’s confirmed I’ll let you guys know. Just to keep the networking going.

Let’s try to keep the job postings to the ones posted on coroflot. Coroflot is the one that pays the bills, so we don’t want to take away from that.

Graphic Tech

Junior Designer

These guys sound cool. Senior Staff

Exibit Senior Designer

Exhibit Designer NJ

Junior Packaging Designer…Corrugated experience.

Package Designer

Design Gift co seeking a full time SR Graphic Designer Creative Dir (Providence RI )

Art Director, Consumer Products

User experience designer

I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m starting to loose the purpose of this thread. I think conceptually it would have been cool to discuss everything about jobs regardless of if it was on Coroflot or not. (like the recruiter discussion) I do understand you don’t want to compete with Coroflot but I also know that some of the jobs that we discuss would never be posted on Coroflot (*thanks to the old pragmatic HR system in most companies in our industry.)

I hear ya and I know what you are feeling. The one thing we do not want this thread to turn into is a Branding Job posting thread outside of Coroflot. The reasoning behind this is that Coroflot is what pays the bills and keeps this site going. By allowing companies to come in and post job openings would start to compete with the money maker and…well I think you know the problem with that. We delete tons of these as SPAM everyday. On the other hand if you would like to start a thread around Branding recruiters, How to get a Brand job, etc that is perfectly fine. I also agree that this thread has lost its interest and like other thread it will slow down and die. Every discussion on here as a life cycle.


I also would like to add that I think this has becaome a great resource thead for those designers out there that may want to get into these areas. They are plucked from the masses (being the other postings) and all in one area.