Cornette de Saint Cyr Auction

Some thoughts regarding todays article about the french art trader
“Cornette de Saint Cyr” jumping into dealing with “classic design”.

  1. Being “priced out of the market”. After flipping through their catalog
    I am not sure if I feel richer because of the objects I already accumulated
    or poorer because of the objects that have become more expensive, again.

  2. There are already a bunch of houses specialising in this field over here.
    This has broadened the knowledge about the “value” of the objects a lot. Though
    this is mad if you are to remodel a house, in general I think it is great, because it
    shows in bright colors how quality design creates lasting value…

  3. On the first pages they are featuring a project by a guy I studied with. This gives
    me the strangest vibe. 10 years ago we were rookies and now his stuff already gets
    auctioned off as “classic”.

I feel a midlife crisis lurking around the corner. ; )


P.S. Location of Bruxelles in Europe:üssel,+Region+Brüssel-Hauptstadt,+Belgien&t=h&z=12

Have you ever gone to the 50’s esignMarts in Belgium or elsewhere around Europe? That one is definitely on my list… and coming up fast

In the US, there are lots of 50s modern furniture on the market in all kinds of price ranges.

It’s always been quite expensive with antique places or the reproductions from places like Design Within Reach… but at the same time there have always been cheaper ways to get the classics, like Ebay. It doesn’t seem the same here in Europe - even the ebay stuff is extremely expensive!

Wright is an auction house in my area that is in this market,

I enjoy their catalogs. It’s nice to be surprised by something you haven’t seen before.

Like this! Page Not Found | Wright Now: Shop Modern Design Online Anytime

Thanks iab. They have a great website as well. I’ve seen links to a few things they have auctioned, but I need to make visiting a more regular practice.

The Design Mart in Brussels is April 20 & 21st. Looks like a cool weekend!

pics from a previous year