I’m looking for as much information as possible on Corian. Anything from specs to any experiences that people have had using it (waht kind of things have you used it for other than counter tops).

Thanks A Lot

hey i’m assuming you are from ocad and also have the corian project. What kinda ides do you have? Who’s your prof?

For more info its a pretty good site

The Proff is Jules Goss. I’ve checked all there is to check on the corian website and I need more. I don’t have any product ideas but I do have a few processes and new applications.

Don’t get stuck with just Corian. Also check out WilsonArt’s Gibraltar


Not exactly info, but here’s a link to the results of a competition that designboom put on a while back. It was centered on new uses and application for Corian…

Thanks guys for the info, keep it coming. Thanks tim for the link but this project my school is working on is strictly corian.

Hey man, I made some rings out of Corian last week that look pretty pimping. A friend of mine in Architecture here (yes, designers and archies can be friends) did a killer Corian furniture project for Stockholm Furniture Fair last year. I can get in touch with him if you’d like for you?

Email me at if you’d like some more info.

I know that it is possible the thermally bend it, using a linear heater…really groovy

have you guys looked over here:

been thinking bout using this for a current project, is the finish good enough for a realistic model?

Any idea on price? bending the stuff sounds cool, anyone had any experience doing this?

My friend seen some furniture at Stockholme made from this stuff, any images?