corfolio posted (opinions welcome)

I have posted my portfolio on coroflot and I would like some input on my work and layouts, I welcome any opinions that you might have. Thanks for taking the time to look and reply.

Vicer :mrgreen:

why is the product logo bigger than the GA?

I was using the logo as a filler I had to much white space and I was trying to keep it clean and flowing without clutter, But your right it takes away from the rest of the work. thanks for the input :slight_smile:

White space can be good, depends on how you use it.

In your resume you say that you know Alias, Rhino, Solidworks, Pro/E, etc. Basically all of the big ones. I think you said Form Z too. And that’s great if you really know all of them, which I am not disputing that you do. But, you can’t know ALL of them really well. If you did, you wouldn’t have time to eat or sleep!

I would recommend putting a rating scale next to them. Like, if you know Solidworks REALLY well, put “advanced” beside it. Rhino, put “intermediate” and so on and so forth.

It’s great to have a basic understanding of some of the programs, but I would suggest getting to know one or two of them really well, and selling yourself with that.

Some here might disagree with me though.


Form development could be improved on the recycling station. Current styling looks more like a sci-fi object than something that belongs in public space. Sketching can also be improved, it seems you don’t quite have perspective down just yet.

Night Time Professor. I am having hard time understanding the concept. How exactly does the machine interface with out body? Why is it a hand-held product when users are sleeping while the product is working? The design looks good, but I am don’t understand why it looks the way it does since I don’t understand the exact use.

Oral flosser. I see this type of project in student portfolios often, and every time I wonder why. Most of the designs I’ve seen are over-kills, including what I see here. The size of the product suffers too much from so-called ergonomic handle, it does not fit into the toothbrush holder as shown in the picture.


You have the right ingredients, (renderings, photos, sketches, texts etc), but you are not presenting them in an organized manner. Get some help from a graphic designer in this area. You should have clear information hierarchy, every image you show should not have equal weight.

Good luck!