Does any one use Corel Designer X4, Corel Draw, and Corel Painter? They they basically the same as Adobe Ill, and Photoshop?

I have used CorelDraw for years for layouts, presentations (great multi-page layouts), general graphic design, even websites. For general use it is head and shoulders above Adobe Illustrator if for no other reason than multi-page and text handling – it is really a combination of InDesign and Illustrator with great PDF output. Photoshop is far better than Painter. All that said, when doing graphic design for production, I switch to Illustrator as it is the standard in the world of printing and decoration.

I use corel for all my presentation boards, slides, etc. Purely as a text / image arranging tool for design critiques & presentations. I am completely useless with illustrator & photoshop, i just can’t seem to ‘get’ it. I tried using ilustrator once, and wasted hours before reverting to Corel. I keep thinking that I have to learn Illustrator & Photoshop basics, like it is a neccessity…

I swear by CorelDraw and CorelPhotopaint. More or less the same capabilities as Illustrator and Photoshop. Sure, there are things that Adobe does better, but there are also things that Corel does better.

All that said, obviously Illustrator and Photoshop are the standard in many industries…

CorelDRAW is a fantastic piece of kit… even if it does have a tendency to crash at the most inconvenient time (so save regularly). The output is excellent and the user interface is more logical and easier to use than Adobe’s. Though that can’t take away from the excellent results produced by photoshop

I don’t know about Designer/Draw, but I can vouch for Painter if you want to do those quickies! The brush range is huge & you can simulate watercolor, acrylic, paint, oils etc. effects. And the canvas rotation thingy is sweet!

You can’t manipulate paths with the same ease as on Photoshop, but again, for those quickies, Painter is really good…much better than Sketchbook Pro IMO.