Corefolio Reveiw

Okay so I have started to update my portfolio on coroflot. I haven’t done this in quite sometime so I thought I would put it out there for all of you to see. I still have some more projects to go in but would love to hear everyones feedback on what I have so far.

Looking forward to your thoughts. The link in in my signature.


I thought it looked pretty good with a nice mix of sketches, renders and a bit of process. You could make the pages stand out a bit more with some colour and perhaps some close up detail. Also perhaps add some brief description text to each page in the text box below each image - that way people don’t need to enlarge the pages to understand what they’re looking at.

Thanks for the response. I do plan to put some descriptions at the bottom. I did notice that they are hard to read.

On your front page, it looks like you have a theme with the splotches on the bottom two images… you could make it constant and add some of that element on the first image

On some of your pages, I actually think the splotches compete a little with your work, though on some of the pages you have alot of sketches and that might be part of it ( I can see why you did it though, it looks good with the other cards with the splotches )

You might want to make pages like that more interesting by scaling up the most interesting sketch and leaving the others smaller. this goes for the portfolio folder page too. You might want to make the image showing in the folder icon one strong representative design from within it. Seeing multiple folders with lots of tiny sketches doesn’t really draw me in…

From reading Core, I know you as a packaging designer - It would be interesting to see/understand some of the design problems you’re asked to focus on, how you ideate concepts, and implementation (like checking samples). Maybe I’m just curious about packaging design in general, but it would show you can manage the entire development process and what kind of output someone could expect from you

Really like the Arch Window design, it’s a good idea

Thanks Travisimo. I too have been struggling with the spots too. I like the idea and I am big on keeping things consistent, but it is not working on some of the pages. I will have to go back and re work so of those pages. Also the Diamond crystal project (salt shakers) I changed the background to fit the project. Maybe this needs to be consistent as well.

I hear ya here. I am waiting for some work to hit the market before showing it. When I started at Mars I was a 3D rendering guy. So I have a ton of renderings and all my packaging work will start rolling out the end of this year and next year. I do have some POP work that I can expand on though, like the My M&M’s powerwing and some stuff from Revlon.

Thanks for the feedback.

Anyone know How to change the Thumbnail on the portfoilo folders? I can’t figure this out.