Core77`s Blu Föm Shoes by Fila


Hello everybody, My name is Stefano—& Im a designer. I have a dark secret. A few years ago (during Core77s 11th year online celebration)—I missed the opportunity to own a pair of **Core77s Blu Föm shoes by Fila** . Ive lived with regret ever since.

Any possibilies that the blu föm shoes will be re-launched?
Are there any other limited edition surprises “in store” for Core77`s 15th year online celebration?

I still sometimes visit this link: & attempt to purchase a pair.
My heart breaks everytime the cruel Windows Internet Explorer message pops up and reminds me;
“Thank you for your interest but we are completely sold out of the Blu Fom shoes.”
Click [OK].

pink foam shoes…

I cry myself to sleep every night over this as well. The thing that burns me is that I saw when they were on sale, I put it off and then it was too late. :frowning:

Sorry to rub it in, but I still have my original pair. They are only worn on special occasions. Even my students at The Hong Kong polytechnic University went gaga when they saw them and knew exactly where they came from.

They are so cool that they should make a comeback.

1 hour design challenge for V2.0?

As a shoe collector i disagree. limited availability is part of what makes them cool. I should also note that i want/wanted a pair and missed the chance.


We’ve actually had a 2.0 brainstorm with a different brand (I’m sure you could guess) and I drew up a bunch of concepts. Pink Fom was obviously one of them, but some other really good ones. We could do one a year for the next decade based on some of the concepts we generated. We had some really good, subtle ones that I think would have been awesome.

And what is stopping it from happening?

Right—what are we waiting for?
Core77`s 15th year online is the perfect opportunity to come up with something new—

15th year? is this true? i didnt even own a computer until 15 years ago.

I wear mine out on special occasions and I love them. I bought them right before I started design school, and honestly very few people have known what they are. That said, I get constant compliments on the shoes themselves. I find them comfortable and stylish. Although bright blue, I find them rather understated compared to a lot of available shoes here in SF. And I love the white eyelets.

But yes, I’d love a round two with another brand/design. Perhaps yellow foam? Perhaps pink foam? Perhaps 3d print? :wink:

I was cleaning out my closet the other day and found a brand new, never worn pair of Blu-fom shoes, size US 11… I am currently not sure what to do with them but they don’t fit :slight_smile:

PM me. lol.

Easy come, easy go.

Your link was not working but I found it searching blu fom.

Is it wrong that I wore mine?

As a shoe designer and collector, I say shoes are meant to be worn. I would never buy a pair of shoes and not wear them.

Maybe i should wear mine to the upcoming IDSA conference in New Orleans. Hope the streets are clean :slight_smile:

I wore mine to a regional conference 5 years ago. No one noticed:(

Cheers, thanks :slight_smile: