Core77 Portfolios: criticism of products or presentation?

It seems the majority of advice offered in the portfolio section of the boards is directed towards layout and representation. Is it appropriate/relevant to offer criticism or advice on the objects or ideas being represented as well?

After all, these are ID portfolios, not brochure design :astonished: .

**ADDENDUM: Eh…is this what “Projects” is for? Does one post to “Portfolios” when the focus is the presentation?

Good points hippa, I think it is what you make it.

The projects section is more geared toward feedback on objects and process but less used. I tend to focus a lot of my feedback in the portfolio section on showing off your full skill set (ie, sometimes someone just shows models, or just sketches, or has all the skills but doesn’t show them off) and I tend to ask more about layouts and what not in my own thread because I am working on those types of things.

Personally I think if you have some feedback on an object within a portfolio, I think its cool to offer it up. I think constructive feedback should always be welcome.

interesting topic.

from my point of view, layout and graphics are very relevant to a portfolio critique as they also show ability (or inability) in design terms (balance, form, color, etc.) and also aspects of communication.

really, lots of the design process is about communication (sketches to show managers, tech drawings to communication design intent to supplers, etc.).

in my own experience as a employer who looks at lots of portfolios, i have very rarely seen good design talent that shows bad layout and presentation skills. not necessarily true the other way around though- lots of portfolios with great graphics but no content. as well, to consider, good design and presentation does not necessarily mean flashy and overdone…just clear and communicative is Ok too.

more to your original point, i think critcism of the original design intent and projects is appropriate to portoflio feedback, but unfortunately so oftern projects are not clearly communicated it is impossible to comment on the project itself. showing too little info, background, process etc. its hard to comment on a deisgn if all there is is just a few renderings, so comments tend to at least provide something constructive in layout suggestions. l