Core77 Pokemon/Magic Fight

Im bored so…

Who wants to play?

I’ll fight anybody’s cg with my ykh.
It would be a good duel, long winded monologues, ykh would slap cg around with some key shots and one liners. but cg would end up on top with more substance and nitty gritties against ykh’s short bursts.

anybody have that asswipe ml340’s hologram card?
i’ll trade for mcow’s rookie card.

I’d trade you my Yo for the mcow rookie, but I’m sooo waitin for someone to throw down a UFO so’s i can school em with it. Yeah it’ll be down and dirty but I’m sure that Yo’s sketching ability will outweigh UFO’s CAD technique by a Verithin width.

in the meantime I have a few Guest wild cards with the dry erase stat board on the back for handy snarks, beeatch slaps and junk like that…I’m tryin to get rid of them.

hmmm YO is a good card, but there seems to be one in every pack. it’s slutted out.

i’ll take on ur YO with my mmjohn’s lengthy lecture powers. If that don’t work, I’ll purplepeople your YO and whip out UFO from my ass.

this is awesome. im glad i paid for premium seating at the pros table. please continue.

no way jose…

first up BryceLudwig rookie card to the mmjohns.
Yes he’s wet behind the ears but he’ll set you up an call you out 'cause he has the skilz to use his whole real name.

Then as you are reelin and tryin to set up Purplepeopleeater, I’d wrap that Canadian bacon up with an Egg droppin science like galileo dropped an orange. Egg straight shooter, zen like and johnny on the spot, he sends them reeling everytime…

but ya’ll gonna flip as I drop the king,…Frank Goldstein.

yeah read it an weep MFA…

Not surprisingly the only card more common than a Yo is the tired old guest card.

Well let’s see here, I’ll block all your guest posts and counter attack with an onlsaught 400 new Pratt students all trying to find huge cheap lofts and Brooklyn and wanting to know where to score weed, and downloading the latest Kean CD.

While the YKH card is getting scarcer and scarcer, I can only guess that the same persona will resuface as a differant card…

I’m in, I’ll drop an ‘orange’ as well… my digitalvision card.

I heard a rumor that if you peel off certain guest cards, you can reveal a ufo or a ykh card. true?

might be a marketing gimick…

You will all tremble at the unrivaled power of a core77admin card: GAME OVER

p.s. I’m looking for a loft near Pratt for $200 a month…

the NATE card is good for sticking them in bicycle wheels… makes a funny goofy noise when you ride your bike!

I say get the old deck. My hmmm. . . will take on all ya lamers.

ruined the thread.

Hmm, I seem to have a heap of So Excited To Be Accepted To Pratt and Building a Social Connection a Few Months Before Attending Rookies.

Anyone care to trade for various Guests with peel off fronts or hologram Limited Edition Nate with the blue logo? maybe a Slippyfish as well?


not a good deal?

I can offer a $266 loft on Washington between Willoughby and Myrtle for rent to sweeten the deal for the Pratt crowd…

I got a bunch of Pratt cards as well… there seems to be a bunch in every deck… very popular right now. but i GUARANTEE 90% of them will drop value in 4 years and never recover. might as well chew those instead of that stick of brittle rock hard gum.

Give me a stack of LaurenG any day! And I am not trading any of mine away.

I’m gonna get all oldschool in this piece and cast some D&D Chaos spells

Hey guys, which do you prefer Mac or PC?


What is the best CAD package?

Here’s a stack of LaurenG’s fo FREE.

I got a truck load of old dusty cobb webbed stack of designmom. I’m making a bonfire.

good riddance

i trump that with

Hey guys, which school is best?


Do I need to learn how to draw if I can use CAD?

Cadoff and pick up a pen you lazy boys!

i kill all yous with purplepeople’s unusually homoerotic, :)ensen signatory card