Core77 Podcasts

I really enjoy the Core77 podcasts and have listened to them all a few times.
Does anyone know if there will be any more?
And, can anyone recommend any similar podcasts to do with ID?


Lunar Design had a nice podcast a while back- LUNAR
Solidsmack does great interviews: Latest Interview News Discussion | SolidSmack
Novedge creates good webinars on the software side of things Webinars is an awesome general look at the made world.

Just checked and Lunar still has a podcast going on itunes, it’s just not that regularly updated. The Solidsmack one looks great too and will have to check out the others.


I listened to 1 99% invisible and fell asleep. And I tried to pick one that looked interesting! ouch.

I’d love to do a podcast where the designers discussed creativity, selling ideas and then made fun of crappy products that are on the market.

I hear video’s the future. :wink:

Hi Mas,

Just wanted to let you know that Don Lehman, who produces the Afterschool podcasts, has been on hiatus with other projects (one of which will be announced next week, hint hint)

The podcasts will resume within the next few months.

Core77 Editorial Team

Andrew Kim - who’s been a Core77 discussion forum contributor for awhile now

had a podcast for awhile, just looked, looks like maybe it’s back…
The Wish List

I really love 99% Invisible, some of them are a little boring, but not a lot of them.

RadioLab isn’t directly design related, but they talk about big concepts, connections, and topics highly relevant to design.

I listent to a lot of comedy podcasts, they often get into their creative process and it’s often interesting to think of in terms of a designer’s creative process and other random bits.
I’ve been listening to a lot of Nerdist and You Made it Weird for that. Some of the WTF episodes are great for that too.

I used to listen to a Graphic Design podcast, 36 Point, the reflex blue show. Discussion was often relevant to ID. They had Robert Brunner on atleast twice I think, those ones are worth checking out.

I second listening to the comedy podcasts. I remember one Greg Fitzsimmons podcast with Doug Benson (I think the last one). It had some gems in the first half about getting a show off the ground and dealing with management. It constantly reminds me of how hard it is to sell ideas.

Here’s a couple recent ones from bay area designers

Just a great podcast:

“No Such Thing as a Fish”

Interesting and Funny

Been looking for design podcasts lately and remembered this thread. Started listening to this one a few weeks ago and like it so far: