Core77 Marketplace

So I was thinking it might be interesting to have a core77 users marketplace where they can put things up for sale. I’m sure there are lots of people on this forum that have a nice collection of things they are maybe looking to sell (I’m talking to you rkuchinsky). But maybe also you upgraded to something and need to sell the older one, or your wife tells you it’s her or that wagon wheel coffee table When Harry Met Sally... | "The Wagon Wheel Coffee Table" - YouTube Here you have your core (pun intended) group of buyers already. Maybe it’s an add on to the Hand Eye Supply store.

We did talk about this once before. It was pretty much decided that there are other outlets for this (ie. in studio boards, craigslist, kijiji, ebay, etc.) and that it would be more difficult to police (ie. spam) than it would be beneficial.

Most people looking to buy/sell would be students so a local in-studio place would be a better place. For others, given core is international, it is not that useful most likely.


Maybe somebody else can back me up on this, but didn’t the boards have a “for sale” area on them many years ago? Late 90’s? I can vaguely remember it when I first started to read Core77 in College. Anyway, I’ve often wondered why it was discontinued. Seems like a good idea.

Probably discontinued for the same reasons. Filled with spam. We get enough if it as it is. Trust me.



Good afternoon,

I was wondering, if it was against Core77 policy to advertise stuff for sale anyway, even if there isn’t a “core77 marketplace” area? Like if I created a thread and included a link to my Ebay listing? I was looking to sell some instructional DVD’s for rendering/sketching, that I no longer need and I feel I can certainly get iD students on here who would certainly be interested in purchasing them and it would benefit them and me! :slight_smile: If not, I will understand.


As per the posting guidelines there are no commercial posts. I understand that you might have something others may be interested in, but we need to be strict in the policy otherwise we’ll get tons of posts for spam selling things and there’s no easy way to say what’s OK to sell and what isn’t.


Ok, thank you.