core77 hijack

ok for some reason on my pc it looks like hijacked this site on some links and stuff. can anyone confirm this?

its forwarded and masked.

i think they are “consulting” the forums.


It might be a good idea to not log in. You may be entering your password into a ghosted forum.

I think that might host the forums. I wouldn’t be too worried.

What is pissing me off is how I click on the forum index and I get dropped into y4hoo’s website!

Hosting provided by Media Temple. not

my login just took me straight into the Subliminal Shock site. it may be collecting passwords. Core will need to do more than correct the page source i think.

OK i thought CORE had control of the list so i tried logging in to post and it took me to a page…not happy…

I do not care if “THEY” get my password? what can “THEY” do with it? Post under my name and be nasty to people?

Some people maybe use the same password for their email login.

not me. I put a c for core infront of my usual password - I am smart that way!

Yes the Discussion Boards were hijacked last night. We resolved the issue early this afternoon.

The boards are hosted at Media Temple, and neither they nor us have anything to do with the bad people at

A security flaw was announced last week that pointed out some issues with PHP and specifically made discussion forum applications, such as this one, vulnerable to this type of attack. The perps were able to change settings in the database that redirected the browsers to their site, and you may have received emails with links to their site from them also.

We’re still investigating the extent of the breach, and we will be upgrading the BBS software tonight to a new and fixed version. As noted above, if your username and password for this forum are the same as you use in your personal email settings then you might want to change your email password toi be safe.

We deeply regret this situation, and hope that the new version of the software will prevent attacks in the future.

If anyone has suggestions on what we should do to the folks over at as payback for their little stunt, post them here and we will take care of things!


-The Management

I’m betting the people running aren’t responsible…that sites a gateway for this kind of shizz and a save place to point a hack. There forum is full of linx to warez and people giving advise on how. Whoever hacked the forum is probably a desinger…or failing designer…no other reason to bother with Core…less it someone tik’d off bout something. Maybe they got insulted over their folio.

Try and find out who hosts their site. Report them to the host. If they host thier own site then you might be out of luck on that one.