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He lived in a time before “safe sex” was a byword and “selfish sex” was a common theme :laughing: Its not even that good a design, but the market research and beta testing for customer satisfication must have be intresting. I wonder if a universal system, or designed just for females…cant be too careful ya know.


I think you missed the article in Wireless that explained why cell phones have become large again, fat fingers cannot dial. Perhaps you are aware that the average American is 30lbs heavier then any other country, its not an insult, unless you are one.

I think you missed the tony hawk straight hair thing, which is where i would have rather been that day. I’m not sure where you got your comment from on that one but by any chance, are you currently building a barcelona chair?

I think you missed the intentional sarcasim and I think you missed the point… izzle.


Whoops there sparky, higest % of population that is overweight is in…Mexico, followed by Egypt. The reason that cells are becoming bigger, simple a huge chunck of the market is over 50 with the associated vision (propecia) problems. The other aspect is yes hand dynamics but as any semi obseverant vertabrate can see that the fingers are the last thing to become fat on a human.

the billboard house it is not bad, lots of “narrow boats” on the english canals are only 6’ wide and are used for living aboard. This appears to be 8-10’ so much more useable. The utility runs up the mast, but i am a bit leery of wind loads on the structure. If you wanted to go whole hog, make it slighly aysemtical and the mast a pivot (with the utilites power, water, sewer also on 360 joints) then you got vairable view and lower wind loads. If you made the stair case retractable you have a real “fortress” to retreat to or to leave unattended for vacation use.

Dead on here,

The boomers are aging, and their generation has record levels for the following, pertaining to Wirless Comunication Technology

Highest number of wealthy to retire
Highest level of disposable income
Highest desire to maintain hi-tech lifestyle
Highest desire for “Total Package”
Highest desire for Style ssetting products
Highest desire for high quality easy to use products…(Larger Screens, Larger Buttons, Larger text…no need to pull out the glassses).
etc. if you want more you will have to pay for the full findings

Hi Jon,

Its out here in aust, let me know if you are interested. I’ve picked it up and played around with it, but generally I find there is not enough compartments and the clip coin cell does not close well.

For the miminalist but toss out the frequent flyers, sippers etc. cards.

so its not a plastic fantastic but more of a UHMW gizmo.

Melovescookies: In Papanek’s book “Design for the Real World”, he goes on for a couple chapters about how designers are designing cheesy sex toys when they should be worried about solving all the real problems in the world (poverty, disease, environmental destruction, etc). Designer sex toys have been around a long time!

The worst thing about the s3x toys article is not that the designer is spending time creating them but all the time and money and hype around making a big deal about it. BIG DEAL.

Suspending 350+ of those things at the entrance of a design show reminds me of all of what’s bad about the profession at the moment; egocentric, superficial and narcissistic.

Victor Papanek was right. MOVE ON PEOPLE! There are other train-wrecks of products out there we should be spending our design time with.

I see. I obviously haven’t read the book. It’s kind of an odd choice for the pinnacle of his frustration w/ useless designy things.

Melovescookies: “Design for the Real World” was released in the late '60’s I think. Perhaps sex toys were seen as more anti-social then today? Today, they are a mainstream commodity.

Or perhaps he thought, similar to many Asians, why change something that’s not broke. I mean, take a vibrator. It’s not like there are infinite choices for form or user-interface. Cucumber-shaped with an on/off switch…next project.

I suggest taking a flip through “Design for the Real World” if you get a chance. I remember a few projects for UNESCO that were included. They were so unique and useful. I also remember a stove that was made from license plates by non-designer Mexicans. Man, that stove was attractive and highly useful! There are such ingenious ideas out there already, and in the least expected places.

Then burn it.

Can you tell I find Papanek’s pompous, anti-commercial beliefs irritating?

I do wonder if I were to read it again now if I would be as irritated by him as I was back in Uni.

thanks for the suggestions, both readign and burning.

I do have an issue w/ most sex toys, since the phallic/penetrative point of view is “broke” for a lot of people.
Not to get completely OT, but it’s fun to see people try to break the “cucumber” paradigm. Successfully or not. I am not sure if you’ve seen these.

There is a potential in the market, since a lot of the areas of the process are not addressed adequately. You can’t quite mechanize w/ a simple on/off in/out something so fluid as sex uality. But yea, major yawn at another glossy vibrating squash.

Your right cookie, the “saber” lacks the abiltiy to talior stimulation to the “g” spot as well as the C area, its a bit of slick design thats not up task its designed for…at least (IMO) for women.

I have been using my Dosh wallet for a month or so now. If burning plastic didn’t put off all sorts of nasty chemicals, I would have burned the P.O.S. a long time ago.

What a friggin’ waste of money that was. A much more in depth review on my blog:

IP: My condolences. It’s nice to hear a first hand account of how crappy one of these novelty “designer” products is. I want to buy something from the Core blog and trash it in my blog now!

Why isn’t the Caparo T1 on the blog yet? Darn!

could have told you so…well in fact i did. :laughing:

I can recommend this one:

I love it, and at 12.99 you’ll have something to fill it with! Had it about 6 months… it replaced a much more expensive perfed leather wallet I got a couple of years ago.

I’m not sure I’d go that far. IMO, you need both approaches. Simply solving the problem isn’t enough to get people to buy into it, no matter how desperately the world needs solutions.

Just for illustration you could marry a sweathog that can gourmet cook and does lots of tricks, but wouldn’t you rather have the s3xy thang that can do all that too?

The sad truth is that few can get the cake and eat it to. Doesn’t mean we can’t dream.

So as much as I agree with Victor, shoot for the moon and make it look nice too.

ps not sure I trust that orange wallet to not spill both of my credit cards upon opening. And what about a driver’s license, insurance, etc. I like the yo $12 version I think…

The wallet I replaced with the giant orange piece of s**t was a bi-fold but it had a money clip on the inside. I loved it. It got comments everywhere I went too.

Never tried a tri-fold.