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every day “new” stuff, you post a comment and maybe it makes it, maybe not. I am going to stop posting my comments there, and do it here. So lets start this off.

Aeron chasise…well it looks pretty good and cudos to the team they built a proto of it. So much harder to build a real world thing that has to work (400lb corn fed office worker) as well as look cool…pretty pictures are after all just pretty pictures.

temo wireless trash can…ok, you spewing your “junk” via IR link to hd storage made to look cute like a trashcan/coffee cup…so given that IR has a bit of range, and we all forget stuff…this little hummer is the king of “one mans trash is anothers gold” I see ID theft people almost giving these away.

Romy and Jules cutting board…hey its a BOARD WITH A ROUTED GROUVE…jeeze, what next “bricks” with logos on them (were done in th1880’s btw) give me a break this is just ho hummm at best.

ding 3000 cake pan…warm up the delorian, Oh come now, this is not even close to “new” they were offered for sale (and failed) in the 30’s/40’s/50’s/60’s/70s’…

Sometimes I post comments on the blog when I see a completely vacuous product. I pretty much had the same reaction as you to all those products. Except maybe that chaise. Why is it similar to an aeron chair? It doesn’t look comfortable, or at least not like this:

Now that’s a chaise.

Damn core77 blog. Had to go and post this new Aussie wallet right as I was about to go out shopping for a new wallet. Should be arriving soon. I’ll let you know what I think.

got to admit its not as comphy looking as the classic, but hey THEY BUILT ONE ! I am so damn tired of pretty pictures of products built with unobtainium and fairy dust so when a real proto shows up I take my fedora off in respect.

Not into bill folds, classic wallet where your bills are nice and flat and is made of leather or the like for the feel and smell.

some intresting new stuff, the sensor ball…ho hummmm been there done that 12 years ago…hardly new. The bean bag lounger…what is old is new. I dont know about the musem, sorta like it. The pic of the gm studio with the tornado full scale clay is priceless.

zip - nothing is lukewarm about that museum for me…
its on 100%… totally love it.

in cammo maybe :laughing:

ahh the cellphone concept, dimples…now did it not enter the desigers mind that they are perfect for traping and holding all sorts of crud after wich the thing is going to look like the floor of a theater after a double feature…

For a fashion device…who cares?

You’re confusing fashion for function here, zip…besides…with the right material for the keys all it takes is a little wipe on the pant leg to get rid of that crud.

My problem with this is that this is yet another concept…not a reality.

ok, i view cellphones as a utility device not fashion so I will give you that one. Your wrong boyo :slight_smile: to clean that mother is 409 and q-tip or bar napkin thing…high fashion, pits filled with skin oils, skin cells, makeup residue, pocket lint. :laughing: In the end if the “designer” had even mocked it up they would have realized this little issue and either solved it (magic pixy dust low friction membrane…whoops would slide right out of your paw) or had round filed it.

That looks sweet. Let me know what you think of it ip.

i would find it a pain to get those bumpy things out of my pocket. BTW, why are cell phones getting bigger? is it the 7-11 stuffed american fingers? flip phones are cool, they make that cool snappy sound when you are trying to look important. blackberries are pretty neat, especially when you’re alone and trying to look like your not. by the way, those starbucks ads on the bottom of their coffee cups, where was the slurpee cup when this was being handed out? they’ve got a fricken billboard under there, you could have two ads! i think a hooters ad for those who have two slurpees would be awesome!

i was talking with a farm boy the other day, i had to laugh, he was so simple yet far beyond where i could ever get, we were all talking about our day and how our clients had emailed us this and that. he said, you know, when i get an emaily thing, i pick up the phone and call the guy.

i think that we are getting to a point where there is just no communication, more ways to communicate have given us less desire to do so, OMG, and we do it shittier then ever! henry rollins is right, we are getting ummm, stupider.

doesn’t the r in r&d stand for research? these days, it seems in design anyways, it stands for rehash.

i did see a michael jackson impersonator when i was 3 or 4 though, he was pretty good, did the whole moon walk thing, you know, just like mike. i was pissed cause i wanted to go see tony hawk that day but my parents had got the mj tics from some stupid friend of theirs… i mean mike was cool back then but tony? common, i had bangs not jerry curls… but i remember thinking, why would this guy spend so much time and effort copying someone else’s thing? so i went home, got out the stencil and faked my ski membership for the year. did up ones for my friends too! then a few years later, did up a drivers license. somehow though, i never wanted to build a barcelona chair.

whoops, ramblizzle…


Have you seen Idiocracy Budda?

I love calling someone after I get an email. They seem so shocked by it!

Nice post.

Insult Americans. Check.
Imply only black people with straightened hair listen(ed) to Michael Jackson. Check.
Give people shit for poor communication skills but proceed to post with horrific grammar. Check.
Close post with lingo coined by American Black Culture after making “jokes” about both. Check.

You hit the cycle on that one, IMO.

IP_W who makes the wallet? I like it!

pretty good crop today, only mistake is in the editing of the water carafe thing, or is anti gravity available now?

aussie company…i will let everyone know what I think when it arrives.

Zippy: Every time I see a sex toy in the Core blog, I can feel Victor Papanek rolling in his grave.