Core77 Freelance Hotline (Bling?)

Seems reasonable. Describe a project, get 5 random designers to bid on it.

Wait, what?


Oh, such a bad idea!

I love working with clients who have a 2-line brief. Even better if I get to write a detailed bid with minimal communication. This is such a great idea!

And your choice of only white male designers…

OK, laughs aside, any suggestions on what we could do to make it better? The avatar rack is randomly drawn from our Pro membership pool.

do you no longer charge to post a job? how are you making money on this?
what if the list of designers were searchable, is that a paywall feature now?

Kill the idea.

Thank you. Was hoping for this…

Why don’t you make it like a project board just like the job board?

Clients pay to post their project and need to detail their brief well enough to be understood. Designers can choose to bid if they think it is suitable for them, just like a normal tender process.

The freelance hotline sounds like a lose-lose. The client gets 5 random project bids from 5 random designers, and the designers get flooded with random bid requests for briefs with minimal detail and no budget (I’m guessing if they won’t spend $50-$100 on advertising for the right team then they don’t have much of a project budget). I think this misses the target for what Coroflot intends to do.

This is an excellent point. My OP was a bit sacastic, but indeed the “system” seemed not so pro-designer which was my point. Managing expectations I think on both sides is key.

If the projects/clients are bad, does this help the designers? The design community? If designers are unqualified does this help clients have a good impression of design or core77?

Is this looking to be a lowest common denomator thing live fiver or one of those freelance sites offering design jobs for $25?

I get core77 needs to make revenue, but I think there must be ways that elevate the profession and advocate for good client/consultant relationships.

Perhaps if there was a detailed, required fillable form that enabled the projects to be well briefed? Some sort of guidelines for scope/budget for designers to aid in quoting or transparency?