Core77 Fashion Design Equivalent

I’m just wondering if anyone knows of a website that parallels Core77 but is more tailored towards the fashion design field. I’m a fashion design student in Boston and I’m looking for websites which would be a good resource for both professionals and students, and would also specifically list internships and jobs like coroflot(no offense but most of the jobs under fashion apparel seem to be under false pretense). If anyone has or knows of any good websites, or even more tangible resources I would greatly appreciate it.

39 views and no ones got anything? :frowning: Anyone else see a need?

sometimes-posts just get over looked it things aren;t in ALL CAPS and tons of !!!

jus play’n but. I will try and find one for you. My girlfriend is in fashion Design (parsons school of design) and i am sure she knows of something.I think that you aren’t getting any hits because-honestly peeps probably just don;'t know. i mean this is a More or Less ID /Product design forum.

will ask.

Silence is rare around here, but when it happens, it speaks volumes.

Apparently know one knows, has an idea, or even a smug comment. I would assume it’s because in general, ID and fashion are prett removed from one another… in general.